Web Ordering

We turn your web traffic into loyal customers, and make sure that when someone finds you, they can conveniently order, no matter what device they’re using.

Our seamless web widgets add ordering right to your web site. You can also simply link to your responsive menu page for an easy setup that works well across all devices.

Branded Mobile App

Engage customers and take orders directly on their mobile devices via your beautiful, custom-branded mobile app*.

Once you build a substantial base of mobile users, Push Notifications can be used to further boost sales.

*$399 One-Time Build Fee

Accept Credit Card Payments

Let customers easily pay with a card and save it on file to speed future ordering. Next time they want to order, it’s just a few clicks away.

As a bonus, your staff saves time and you reduce the risk of no-shows.

Advance Ordering

Customers can select a future date and time for their order, to make ordering extra convenient.

Detailed Reporting

Your reporting dashboard gives you historical reports and actionable information for improving your menu and service. View trends, top items, and lists of your best and newest customers. Gain insight into your sales funnel, as customers go through the ordering process.

Smart Coupons

Offer tasty discounts to promote special offers, reward loyal customers, and apologize for negative experiences.

Feedback Management

Feedback surveys let your customers tell you when they had a good or bad experience, but the conversation doesn’t end there.

Get all the information you need to fix problems sent to your mobile phone, and respond to the customer with one tap!

Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing lets you easily connect with your customer base. As customers order, they can be automatically added to your email list.

One email can generate thousands in sales, and regular communication encourages customer loyalty.

Want to use a more advanced email marketing provider? We integrate with Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, as well!

Automated Emails

Send targeted emails to your customers to improve retention and loyalty. Some examples:

  • Retention: If a customer hasn’t ordered for 30 days, send them a special deal to keep them coming back
  • New Customers: If it’s a customer’s first order, send them a Thank You note and ask how their experience was
  • Rewards: When a customer spends over $1,000 (across all their orders), send them a coupon for being such a great customer

Push Notifications

With your own mobile app, you can send push notifications to your mobile customers with special deals to drive even more orders.

Cross Selling

Fries and a coke with your burger — The best way to boost ticket size is to suggest relevant pairings as your customer orders.

Our system learns your customers’ preferences and automatically tunes itself over time to suggest the most successful items.

Social / Viral Sharing Reward Campaigns

Provide incentives for viral sharing on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Your customers share a special deal / promotion with their friends via a personal link that we generate for each of your customers.

When their friends order, the original referring customer then receives a special coupon for their next order.The more your customers share, the more orders you receive!

Item Imagery

Use rich images to entice sales and spruce up your menu. It’s easy to upload your pictures and make your menu look great.

Easy Repeat Ordering

Let’s face it — sometimes “the usual” is all we want. We make it easy for customers to get their “usual” with just a few clicks, and by saving a card on file, they can skip entering payment info as well!

Order Management

When an order comes in, we’ll make sure you’re notified. Fax is old school. Our system can send it to your thermal printer or tablet.

Delivery Settings

Set custom delivery zones, fees, and time estimates, so you can make delivery work perfectly for your business.

Item Options / Modifiers

Create sets of options, so customers can select exactly what they want. Our options system is extremely flexible and can support many pricing scenarios, including half/half pizza toppings.

Custom Checkout Fields

Customizable fields let you collect the information you want from customers. Want to ask a certain question at checkout? We’ve got you covered.

Custom Taxes / Fees

Define custom taxes or fees needed for compliance with local laws, such as bag fees. You can also set convenience charges or built-in gratuities.

Custom Styling

Use custom styles and colors and tailor the look and feel of your menu to fit your brand. Additionally, use custom CSS to achieve even more flexibility and control of your online ordering menu.

Connect With Other Services

We provide integrations to third-party platforms, as well. Now you can leverage other systems, instead of being limited to only our set of available services.

Engineered for Stability and Performance

Our customers trust us to process millions of dollars in sales. We use the Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms to provide best-in-class performance, security, and scalability.

Fraud Prevention

We work with your credit card processor to minimize fraud and chargebacks, using AVS and CVV validation to verify the cardholder’s information.

Secure and PCI Compliant

We don’t cut any corners when it comes to data security.

Bank-grade 256-bit SSL security protects your customers’ information at checkout, and the payment system we use is Level 1 PCI compliant, the highest level available.

Social Registration/Login

Your customers can register/login with their social account to streamline their ordering process.