Anyone with a cell phone or internet access can become a customer with online ordering systems. Read here to learn how this benefits your restaurant.

Our smartphones can do pretty amazing things these days. We can ask questions to an automated robot and even use our face to unlock the screen.

People love the convenience that comes along with these little devices and online ordering systems are no different. It’s a quick and easy way to give customers the opportunity to try your food.

So, why haven’t you implemented one?

A few years from now in 2020, mobile ordering is going to become a $38 billion industry. That’s quite a lot of cash your restaurant could be dipping into.

If that hasn’t already convinced you, we’ll go over a few ways your restaurant will benefit from online ordering systems. Ready to find out those reasons?

Let’s get into it!

Increased Sales

When that dinner rush hits, employees barely have enough time to think. So, do you really think they’re upselling additional items to customers? Chances are they aren’t.

With the ease of online ordering systems, that part is already taken care of. When customers are picking out their food, they’ll get a suggestion on things that’ll pair nicely with their order. There’s no pressure so they can take their time deciding.

Without feeling rushed, this leads to a bigger order size. Upselling is already integrated into the system and they can browse the menu at their leisure. And when you’re starving, it’s easy to add things to a virtual bag than flagging down one of the wait staff to order additional items.

Just like with a traditional menu, you can choose which dishes to highlight. Whether that’d be specials or good deals. Customers can see these items first thanks to the customization of an online menu.

Along with that dinner rush, it can be hard to get everyone seated at a table. When that happens, you can politely tell those over the phone that they can order delivery or pick-up online. Instead of going elsewhere, they’ll gladly take you up on that offer.

You cater to both the homebodies and the ones who are looking for an alternative to traditional fast food joints. That means more money in the bank at the end of each week.

No More Miscommunication

Let’s face it: mistakes happen. But when they do, they end up costing you big time. Customers are missing orders or they get the wrong item. That results in food being comped or refunds issued.

The reason those costly errors happen is due to miscommunication. Over the phone, there can be a bad reception on the customer’s end or a language barrier.

This leads to orders being mishandled and dissatisfied customers.

With online ordering systems, human error goes down significantly. Everything is done online so your staff can see exactly what the customer wants.

No longer will you have to have three people dedicated to the delivery and pick-up station. You can let your staff tend to those in the dining room and let the chefs do their thing.

Ultimately, a phone order can take up to ten minutes. Whereas an online order takes about 30 seconds or less to receive on the restaurant’s end.

With that said, online orders improve efficiency because staff members aren’t pulled in ten different directions. They can see what the customer wants and get their items sent to the kitchen in a timely manner.

Get Found More Easily

In the restaurant industry, there’s competition everywhere. Customers have more than one option when it comes to eating. There are other independently owned places along with big-chain joints.

It’s easy to say their options aren’t limited.

But the problem with smaller restaurants is their lack of visibility to the public, both online and offline. Implementing an ordering system allows the customers to find your place easily.

They get to see what’s around them. This includes locals and tourists.

Even if you don’t get great foot traffic, you can still be found online and get sales that way. Most third-party apps and websites favor the smaller chains.

They realize the revenue that’s generated and they want your business. Yes, you generally do have to pay a small commission fee but it exposes your restaurant to thousands, if not millions of hungry people.

Even if you decide not to be on a third-party app, you can still create your own website that handles online orders. You get full customization and can integrate that system on your Facebook page so customers can order from there too.

Better Customer Service

Customers are the heart of your restaurant. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to survive.

When one has a bad experience, they can quickly whip out their phone and post a bad review. It could be anything from poor food quality to lack of customer service.

Once they publish that review, other customers see it. 88% of people trust online reviews just as they would a personal recommendation.

To prevent a bad review, online ordering systems allow for better customer service. How?

Staff members won’t have to worry about taking long orders over the phone. Even if they do, you won’t get that many because people prefer to order online.

That means they won’t have to put customers on hold and risk upsetting them. As for those in the dining room, wait staff can give their full, undivided attention to each table.

Their workload becomes easier to handle. They can tend to their diners and other front-of-house responsibilities.

Online Ordering Systems are in Demand

Gone are the days of driving around town to find a restaurant. Now, everyone has a smartphone they can use to find places to eat.

People are choosing to stay home rather than go out to eat. Rather than cook at home, they want a simple alternative. That’s where online ordering systems come into play.

When you take advantage of one, you’re supplying that demand. People no longer want to spend the time traveling to eat somewhere.

They want to stay home with their families but still enjoy good food. Without online ordering, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue and the chance of gaining new customers.

Wrapping Up

Customers these days want convenience. And having an online ordering system in place makes it easier not only for them but for you and your staff as well.

Say goodbye to miscommunication and hello to more sales.

Are you ready to start taking orders online? Let us give you the tools you need and check out our affordable packages today!